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Kokopelli Recovery Homes are located in upper middle class neighborhoods. There are Six (6) menís facilities. They are nicely furnished and decorated somewhat like a normal residential home, not an institution. Our concept is to provide a positive homelike atmosphere, not that common institutional look and to instill responsibility by treating our program participants with dignity, courtesy and respect.


Kokopelli Group Home, LLC

Where are we located? Kokopelli currently has Six (6) homes located in Mesa, AZ. This web site has a page for each location, with maps to direct you. Each site is very similar and the participants can change locations, with the approval of Kokopelli, and if on parole/probation, the supervising officer.

Call for Availability


Steve Collins

(480) 620-2036

Dorothy Olson

(480) 620-2039

Office Information

Please send all letters and correspondence to this location

Office address:

1825 S. Cholla Street

Mesa, AZ  85202

Phone: (480) 820-2121

Fax:     (480) 275-3040


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We also have a 2 Bedroom, 4 person Condo for people that are advanced but still need a little help before going out in the big world.

Menís Facility

2210 W. Cabana Avenue

Mesa, AZ  85202

(480) 907-6428


Menís Facility

758 N Cholla

Mesa, AZ 85201

(480) 584-6583

Men's Facility

1463 E. Diamond

Mesa, AZ  85204

(480) 219-2768

Menís Facility

2223 W. Edgewood

Mesa,, AZ  85202

(480) 219-1374

Menís Facility

552 N. Temple Avenue

Mesa, AZ 85203

(480) 474-4050


What do we supply?

We do not supply food. We do not prepare food. All food and meal preparation is the responsibility of the individual program participant. We do not collect Food Stamp Cards from the participants to buy house food.


We do supply excellent beds and other nice furniture (couches, chairs, tables, etc.), all laundry facilities and laundry soap, all cooking utensils, televisions with satellite receivers, all cleaning supplies, shampoo, bedding, pillows, patio furniture, exercise equipment, high speed internet computers, and more. But not food!


What is the cost?

Our fee is $130 per Week plus the applicable Privilege Tax ($132.29 per Week), payments are due on Friday (pro-rated for the day the participants enter the program (18.90 per Day). There is also a $130 security deposit.


Our program participants must work or perform charity functions. There should be no sedentary participants. The participants should be in counseling and attend meetings. If the participant is on Probation or Parole then they must comply with those rules. Kokopelli will send a Status Report to the officer on a periodic basis.


We do have rules. Most of our rules are similar to other group homes and half-way houses. We based many of our rules on national group home rules and conditions, so there should be no surprises.


Curfew, do chores, clean-up after themselves, no drugs or alcohol on the property and no coming home using. The rules are really very simple: use common sense, do not use drugs or alcohol, pay your bills, be responsible.


Kokopelli is serious about recovery and transitioning our participants to society.


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Please download our Application especially for those on Probation or Parole

Kokopelli Brochure-For distribution to those who want more information

Send all applications to our office at:

Kokopelli Group Home, LLC

Office Only

1825 South Cholla Street

Mesa, AZ  85202



(480) 820-2121 (Office)

(480) 620-2036 (Mobile-Steve)

(480) 620-2039 (Mobile-Dorothy)

FAX: (480) 275-3040