Here are a few Community Websites that may be beneficial.

   Words to ponder from Bob Parsons at

       Kokopelli in the News

   Transportation and More  Bus, Airline, Community Information

   Meetings and More Stuff  Alcohol Anonymous , Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Al-Anon, Sex Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous

   Associations and Groups that help   Medical, Dental Bicycle Donation

   TASC  Text to your phone daily

   How about the Weather-Plan your Job This Week

   News Stations, Newspapers and Classifieds

    Help and Information

   Agency Food Boxes and other Assistance  

  A Little Charity may go a long way, And it should go both ways

   Interesting Judicial Information

  You need to get an ID to Work-Do not put off

   Possible Rent to Felons-When you are ready

   Now for Fun - Free email, Free Web Space-Build your own web.

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