Get Your Social Security Card

If you want to go to work, and you probably want to do this immediately, you will need a Social Security Card. If you are lucky enough to have your card or a family member has it, get it ASAP. No company will hire you without your Social Security Card or the Letter you will get while waiting for your card to arrive.

The closest location to get a card is Downtown Phoenix.

There is a Service Location in Mesa, but you must go to Phoenix to get a card.

You will get a letter stating that you have ordered your card. The card will come to you in about 2 weeks. Keep the letter with you. All employers are supposed to check your legal status for US Residence with eVerify. That should enable you to go to work. Some companies do not recognize the eVerify process. Just keep looking for a company that will put you to work. Once you get a job, The Social Security Administration recommend that you DO NOT carry your card, but keep  it in a safe place. You might have a lock box, or give to a family member for safe keeping. You will need to retrieve the card if you get another job.

Please note: Make sure you give the Social Security Office a CORRECT Address. If you do not, the card delivery will be delayed. Also make sure your name is on the mailbox. The postal person may not leave mail if your name is not posted. Check with your manager.

Note: You should receive a Kokopelli Business Card with the address, Keep It!

If you do not get a job within a few days, you should register at a "Day Labor" business (usually best to register with several companies). The registration must be done before you can go out to work. Get to the day labor location very early in the morning (e.g., 5:00 AM). Be patient. If you do not get out, then go search for a job.


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