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On September 4, 2009, there was a memorial service for Kris Allen Olson, born in Mesa, AZ on October 8, 1977. Kris passed away on August 28, 2009. May he rest in Peace. We loved him and will miss him very much.

Kris was our inspiration for founding Kokopelli Group Homes. Without him there probably would be no Group Home as Kokopelli is. We have helped so many transition back to society and will continue to prosper in the days ahead. Kris was our guide in the development and spirit of our business. We appreciate the support of all the Health Services that have helped Kris and many many others.

Kris is survived by his mother Dorothy Olson, step-father Steven Collins, father Jim Olson and step mother Barbara Olson, grandmothers Eleanor Bautch and Pat Almy, Ron and Lexa Bautch, Jim and Janet Bautch, Pattie and Gene McDevitt, Theresa and Bob Windjue and many friends in the community.

Services were held at the Allen Funeral Home located at 1130 S Horne, Mesa, AZ 85204.

The Kokopelli is a humped backed flute player, a mythical Hopi symbol of replenishment, music and dance. His whimsical nature, charitable deeds, and vital spirit give him a prominent position in Native American mysticism. The Kokopelli is considered a symbol of fertility who brought well-being to the people, assuring success in hunting, planting and growing crops, and human conception. The Kokopelli would melt the winter snow and create rain, ensuring a good harvest. The Kokopelli Group Homes wish to follow the tradition and create a positive atmosphere for our participants, so they can become self-sufficient. Thanks

Kokopelli Group Home, LLC, is a transitional community lifestyle for people who need a little extra help. We are here to facilitate our Program Participants to achieve a self-fulfilling lifestyle. We offer many amenities not available in other facilities. A safe, clean and comfortable lifestyle. Entertainment and Health Conditioning, Education in house, including computer training, Speakers from the community and much more.

Kokopelli is active in the promotion of the Group Home community. Kokopelli is a supporter of many organizations (i.e., Association of Halfway Houses Alcoholism Programs (AHHAP), Community Bridges, etc.). We encourage Group Homes (aka Halfway Houses, Transitional Facilities, etc) become assets to the community by registering with the community and meeting the local Fire Department requirements. This means paying the appropriate taxes, being inspected to assure that safety is paramount, and working closely with the community leaders to resolves any outstanding issues. Kokopelli has worked hard to help develop standards of practice and quality of service guidelines for our industry. If a Group Home does not display a License to operate a business and a Fire Safety Operational Permit, then the Group Home may not be a legitimate operating business. These should be displayed at the Front Entrance of the building. If the documents are not displayed, ask for them or walk away. As many know, Kokopelli has been promoting fairness of the City of Mesa for several years. This includes newspaper interviews and attendance at many City Council meetings and individual meetings with the Mayor, Fire Department Chief and Police Commanders for our locations.

Our goal is to encourage each person to recognize their significance to society and become responsible to contribute to society rather than just use society, and not wandering through life, but living life. If everyone contributes then everyone will benefit and future societies will flourish.

Please keep this site in your Favorites List.  We are growing:

Email Us: Kokopelli Home        or copy and paste into your email program:   kokopelli@azrecovery.org

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